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Casa Nuova - Water repellent wax

50,63 €

Routine maintenance
Cleans all types of wood flooring



Casanuova is a polish made up of water repellent wax for the intensive care of frequently used varnished (solvents, water), oiled and waxed floors, and to remedy scratched or ruined floors. Casanuova can also be used to clean terracotta and indoor stone-based materials. Its special formula gives surfaces a nice, natural effect and is water repellent, renovating, maintaining and protecting badly worn floors.

Shake well before using. Employ the special spray to apply CASANUOVA onto the part of the floor to be cleaned, spreading evenly with a cloth, taking care not to form lumps. Wait about 30 minutes for the surface to dry, when it will appear uniformly dull, then polish with a soft cloth or single brush polishing machine with a white felt disk and cloth. Maintain and treat such surfaces by applying CASANUOVA again. For routine cleaning use one of the special dedicated detergents: CASAPULITA or CASANUTRE. Never use stiff cloths and/or abrasive substances.

When CASANUOVA is used on non-absorbent surfaces they become more slippery, especially in wet or high humidity conditions. In such cases we advise testing the floor and adopting any necessary precautions to avoid problems. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below +10°C will increase the product’s density. Adjust temperature to over +15°C before using.